Take advantage of an interested and diversified public to present your company

Every year since 1984, the ‘’ Réunion Européenne des Etudiants Luxembourgeois – REEL’’ ( The European reunion of Luxembourgish students ) gathers 150 Luxembourgish students from different cities and countries in order to meet national politicians as well as potential future employers.

The partner conferences will be open to the public, enabling you to present your company to not only REEL participants, but other interested students from Brussels as well.

We are at your disposal

During your stay, our team will be at your full disposal to guarantee a friendly and professional event. You are our guests and an integral part of REEL and thus we’d like to establish a healthy cooperation with your company.

Today’s students – tomorrow’s leaders

In the modern job market, it is crucial to differentiate yourself from the competition. Innovation and creativity, as well as international experience are key factors in the professional world. Employers are looking for young motivated graduates and REEL will be the perfect occasion to present your company as well as meet potential future employees.

Be our partner

We would be glad to welcome you at REEL 2018. Seize the opportunity and present your company in our pamphlet, on our social media channels or live in front of our participants in Brussels.

Our partnership team will gladly answer your questions: