«Bruxelles, ma belle. Je te rejoins bientôt». ”Brussels, my beautiful, I’ll join you soon”, this verse from the famous Dick Annegarn song still rings true to a considerable part of Luxembourgish students in the Belgian capital.

Brussels is a small global city. As host of numerous European institutions as well as NATO’s permanent council headquarters, it is at the centre of the economic, cultural and political life of Belgium and Europe. Furthermore, it has a rich history of higher educations, accommodating a cornucopia of post secondary schools and universities, such as the “Université libre de Bruxelles”.

Brussels counts among the capitals with the lowest population density and highest number of green spaces making it a pleasant place to live. Brussels is a melting pot of cultures and especially known for its artistic contributions in classical music, jazz, comics and plastic arts. The concentration of museums, remarkable landmarks and even medieval constructions are proof of its rich history.

Dynamic and multilingual, it has become indispensable in economic as well as political matters and is appreciated at the same time by international companies, conference delegates and tourists for its accessibility, cosmopolitan atmosphere and open-mindedness.